My nostalgic composition – The End of the Night

I finally got my hands on some half dead Hydrangeas. Bad timing to decide to use them in a composition when they are out of season, but I revived them for long enough to set up my composition.
I went to the china cabinet where I keep my precious things I have collected. First i collected the tea set that was my grandmothers prized possession . A dinner set bought over from Ireland in the 1800’s by her fathers family and lovingly passed down to her. It was broken all bar 5 pieces in the 70’s. This composition unfortunately lacked life when put together so I swapped the tea cups to a tea set my mother gave to my daughter, a set of real crystal beads. Not the fake costume type you get these days but something that was held precious and saved for special occasions. I also collected the lovely beaded purse given to my grandmother from my grandfather – a gesture to mark an occasion.
I wanted to try to recreate an image of what might have been. I liked to collect the old things that have been used and touched by past generations. My grandmother and mother wore crystal bead necklace when they went out to a special occasion. Maybe a wedding maybe a dance. The inclusion of them in the composition might help the story to allude to the end of the night when they had come home and placed them down as a signal of finality of the fancy occasion. Time for a nice cup of tea. And of course the ever present hydrangeas in a cut crystal vase and sitting carefully on the lace doily to protect the patina of the silky oak table.image
Finished painting


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