Some things I have found about studium and punctum.

You can’t ADD a punctum because it’s included in a photograph unintentionally.
You can’t predict what one persons punctum is unless you know intimate details of how to recreate their memories.
You can try and add some interesting details to your studium but you can’t deliberately add a punctum.
Something that might reach out and ‘pierce’ me (the punctum) might be a pair of shoes in an image which remind me of my late Grandmother’s shoes and somehow creates a whole new image/narrative for me in an image. In the same image, someone else might see the door to a house which looks like somewhere they knew when they were a child….that could be a punctum for them.
Punctum is not what makes a photograph ‘pretty’ it is the element that draws you into the moment the photograph was taken.
The photograph records the moment, that moment then becomes history. The evoking of the punctum in the viewer awakens the moment and brings history to the formost of your mind.
Alternatively (and most usually) a photograph is mere studium, so that we turn the page and can hardly remember what the image was.
“A photograph’s punctum is that accident [of photographic detail] which pricks me (but also bruises me, is poignant to me), …for punctum is also: sting, speck, cut, little hole—and also a caste of the dice” (27; slightly rearranged).

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