Hi Welcome to my blog.

Id like to invite you to read and comment on my blog. From when I was in my teens I decided to be a hairdresser. At that same time I promised myself I would never be one of those old hairdressers still working when I was over 40 (they were sooo old). S0 there began my re-education to train as a artist. I have always been creative, at one point I even trained as a jeweller and worked part time as a jeweller and part time as a hairdresser, then kids came and the eyesight went.

Over the years of hairdressing you pick up a lot. You hear every bodies secrets, gather a lot of useful information- and awful lot of  useless information,-  hear opinions of social issues, how best to manage divorce, property settlements, breakups,  new love, young love, old love, cleaning products, home decoration, then there was breastfeeding, childrearing, playdough recipes, new cars, old cars, fast cars, best nightclubs to go to, best restaurants to try,  new coctails, and hangover cures. You become somewhat an expert at body language, and learn very subtly how to evaluate character. Consequently all this valuable information is catalogued and stored in the form of what has been aptly named hairdressers theories. They are derived from life experiences rather than from philosophy of mind and anthropological  studies. All theories should be seasoned with a pinch of salt as they are definitely  a home made concoction of fact, philosophy, and hearsay.

you can contact me on michelle.s@westnet.com.au
or look for me on Facebook under Michelle T Smith -Fine Art and Brunswick Street Artist Collective

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  1. Rufus Girard says:

    So true. Hairdressers are underestimated, especially those who hang around.


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