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The End of the Night

Finally Finished Advertisements

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The beauty & dangers of Photoshop

Originally posted on LISA LILLIBRIDGE:
Here’s the manipulations of one of my paintings. It doesn’t even look like the same art form and yet I was quite happy with the results. I thought it was cool, but it is entirely…

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Taking Breaks

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Grandmas’ garden

Memories of my childhood are filled with the colour and form of the hydrangea hedges that lined both my grandmas gardens. The changing of blue to lavender to palest haze of colour. The pinks and greens fading to yellow. Theses … Continue reading

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Cyanotypes on arches paper

I have been playing with photography and Cyanotypes for a while now and been eager to do something big. Thanks to Frank at Frontier Digital I was able to create a negative 22″x33″ and at a great price. The neg … Continue reading

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Same old canvas another new look

The newly painted works. I wanted to reproduce some works that had looser more spontaneous feel to the marks. When I looked back at some of the progress photos in the newly finished works perianthos and perigonium I found some … Continue reading

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Camellias in a bowl

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More about Anthotypes can be found here – Historical photographic methods in use today – the art, the processes and the techniques of alternative photography. Techniques and processes, photographers’ gallery, articles and forums and specialist literature.

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Rose Petal Anthotype

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Some things I have found about studium and punctum.

You can’t ADD a punctum because it’s included in a photograph unintentionally. You can’t predict what one persons punctum is unless you know intimate details of how to recreate their memories. You can try and add some interesting details to … Continue reading

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